I am bigdata trainer, experienced in Hadoop, spark and AWS with realtime usecases. There are many spark training institutes in India & US, but quality of training is important. Quality of Spark training is very important in any bigdata training. Hands on exercises and production environment training, easy way explaining everything from scratch to advanced level is main key factor in our Spark online training. Satisfaction is important to every student. For the last one year almost every  student get satisfied. Please find their reviews here

Daily and weekend we are taking online classes for Spark. To enhance your career and professional skill set with our big data courses, please contact us for spark online training or IOT training with Flink. We are also providing online spark training for (NRI) USA & Canada IT Professionals.

IGFS : Ignite FileSystem

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Apache Hadoop, everyone chanting Hadoop, it’s number one framework to store data in reliable manner. I agree, it’s true, fast, low cost and fault tolerance. Is there any alternative to HDFS? Is there... READ MORE

RDDs Vs DataFrame Vs DataSet

Application Program Interface (API) is a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service to process... READ MORE

WordCount in Spark Scala

Hello, In theses videos, I am explaining about how to install eclipse, how to install scala? how to create appropriate configurations in eclipse, maven to implement spark applications, finally how to run spark... READ MORE

Ways to create dataframes

Hello, In my previous post I have explained different spark interview questions. In this Post I am explaining about easy ways to create dataframes in Spark. In this Video I am explaining how... READ MORE

Sample Scala Functions

Write a function of x power y. def power (x:Int, n:Int):Int = if ( n==0) 1 else if(n>0 && n%2 == 0) power(x, n/2) * power(x,n/2) else x * power(x, n – 1)... READ MORE

Zeppelin Installation & Run SparkSQL

  Apache Zeppelin is a web based Notebook that allows  programmer to implement Spark application in Scala and Python. It’s opensource, so you can easily download and implement spark applications. In this video... READ MORE

Scala Interview Questions

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Scala stands for Scalable language. It’s a functional oriented programming language. Recently it’s spread it’s roots in all major languages like Apache Spark, Akka. What is difference between abstract class and traits in... READ MORE

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