I am online Spark trainer, have huge experience in Spark giving spark online training for the last couple of years. explaining Hadoop, Spark and AWS with real-time use-cases. I am happy to say that for the last 1 year all my students 100% satisfied and implementing spark projects without depends on others.
Please find my Spark training details:

Name:Spark training for freshers & experienced from scratch

Fee:20,000/-(15,000)* condition (if you do daily tasks 5000 return)
Mode: online
Call: 9247159150 (please whatsapp me)
Trainer: Venu
Training Time: July 1 to Aug 31- 50 days weekdays. Mon-Fri
Time 7 AM- 9.00 AM

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apache spark online training

Spark Training Course Content

Scala Basics

First week:

  • Theoretical
    • Object oriented language VS Functional language
    • Difference between Scala and Java
    • How JVM functioning
  • Practical
    • Scala type hierarchy
    • Scala Strings and Numbers
    • List, Array, Tuples
    • Create Functions and methods
    • Case class, class, trait, objects.
    • Important scala functions

Hadoop Overview

Second week

  • Theoretical
    • The power of Namenode
    • HDFS & YARN fault tolarance.
    • HDFS read & write data from local, HDFS, S3
    • HDFS Daemons (namenode, datanode, Secondary namenode)
    • Namenode High availability & Zookeeper
  • Practical
    • Hands on Hdfs commands practice
    • Install Hadoop & Spark in Ubuntu and windows.
    • Configure Hadoop spark environment in Intellij

Hive & SQOOP Overview

Third Week:

  • Theoretical
    • Hive Internals
    • hive Optimization techniques.
    • How Sqoop working?
  • Practical
    • Orc, parquet, csv, json data processing.
    • Importance of Bucketing & Partitioning in Hive.
    • Import and export MySQL and Oracle data using Sqoop
    • best practice in Hive & Sqoop

AWS with Spark

Third week:

  • Theoretical
    • Why AWS?
    • Redshift, EMR and EC2 functionalities
    • How to minimize AWS cost
    • Security and IAM
  • Practical
    • Submit a spark jar in AWS Cluster
    • S3 bucket policies & IAM administration
    • create databases services using RDS
    • import & export data from Redshift
    • Create EMR and EC2 cluster.

Spark Overview

Fourth week:

  • Theoretical
    • The power of Spark?
    • Important Spark APIs and Libraries
    • Broadcast Variables and accumulators
    • DAG Scheduler & Catalyst optimizer
    • Spark important functions
  • Practical
    • Create environment to implement spark applications.
    • Run Programs in Command line Interface & Intellij
    • Spark in Local, yarn mode
    • Process Local, HDFS and S3 files

RDD Fundamentals

Fourth week:

  • Theoretical
    • What is RDD?
    • Rdd operations (Transformations, Actions)
    • Key-Value Pairs RDDs
    • Narrow & wide transformations
  • Practical
    • Ways to create rdds.
    • apply transformations and actions.
    • Optimize Rdds using DAG
    • Debugging RDD Code
    • Broad cast variables examples
    • Debugging using Spark web UI
    • Spark Job Execution in cluster

SparkSQL and DataFrames

Fifth week

  • Theoretical
    • Different ways to create DataFrames
    • Catalyst optimizer importance in Spark.
    • Spark SQl Internal concepts.
  • Practical
    • Process CSV, JSON, ORC, PARQUET, XML data using Spark.
    • Process data using DSL commands & SQL Queries
    • Cache, persist importance
    • Hive data processing using Spark
    • Get data from Cassandra, Hbase, and other resources

Spark DataSet API

Fifth week:

  • Theoretical
    • The power of Dataset API in Spark 2.x
    • Serialization concept in DataSet
    • Power of encoder
    • Flink introduction
  • Practical
    • process unstructured, structure data using dataset api
    • Process CSV, JSON data.
    • DataSet vs Dataframe Vs Rdd
    • Get oracle, mysql data using dataset api

Clustering Architecture

Sixth week

  • Theoretical
    • Cluster Managers for Spark: Spark Standalone, YARN, and Mesos
    • Understanding Spark on YARN
    • What happened in cluster when you submit a job
  • Practical
    • Tracking Jobs through the Cluster UI
    • Understanding Deploy Modes
    • Submit a sample job and monitor job

Advanced concepts in Spark

sixth week

  • Theoretical
    • Memory management in Spark
    • How to optimize Spark Applications
    • How Spark integrate with other Applications
  • Practical
    • Spark with Cassandra Integration
    • Process GBs of data using alluxio.
    • Hbase, Phoenix and spark integration

Spark Streaming

Seventh week

  • Theoretical
    • How Spark streaming working
    • Micro batch processing Vs Streaming processing
    • Flink Introduction
    • Challenges in Streaming applications
    • Kafka architecture
  • Practical
    • Creating DStreams from Different Sources
    • Viewing Streaming Jobs in the Web UI
    • Sample Flink Streaming program.
    • Kafka sample program
    • Spark structure Structure streaming.
    • Write Kafka Producer & Consumer apis programmatically
    • Get Oracle data using kafka

Sample Spark Project

Seventh Week

  • Theoretical
    • End to end a project workflow.
    • Developer, architect, and manager responsibilities.
    • Resume preparation and bigdata interview tips.
    • Performance optimization & best practice in real time projects.
    • As a spark developer, daily activities.
  • Practical
    • Data migration Spark sql project
    • Kafka, Cassandra, Spark Streaming project
    • Spark performance testing (test cases, debugging, unit tests)
    • Spark, Hbase, Phoinex integration with kafka.

Important notes:

  • Daily after training ill assign different tasks
  • If you do all these tasks, you will get 5000/- money back.
  • Daily Ill give support through whatsapp. It means if you struct anywhere to solve that problem, just whatsapp me screenshot, ill help you.
  • Minimum 3 months online support & Job Assistance
  • My Spark training always using latest spark versions such as spark 2.1.
  • Consolidated spark and Scala materials.
  • Help to get Cloudera or databricks spark certifications
  • Our main aim after training

Recommendations:To learn Apache Spark, minimum knowledge on Scala and sql mandatory. Hadoop knowledge also recommended, but it’s covered in my Spark training.
Please note even i am giving online spark training, ill give better than offline training. The main reason always available in whatsapp, when you face any problem, ill resolve asap.

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