IGFS : Ignite FileSystem

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Apache Hadoop, everyone chanting Hadoop, it’s number one framework to store data in reliable manner. I agree, it’s true, fast, low cost and fault tolerance. Is there any alternative to HDFS? Is there any competitors or alternatives to HDFS to … Continued

Sample Scala Functions

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Write a function of x power y. def power (x:Int, n:Int):Int = if ( n==0) 1 else if(n>0 && n%2 == 0) power(x, n/2) * power(x,n/2) else x * power(x, n – 1) Write QuickSort in Scala def sort(xs: Array[Int]): … Continued

Scala Interview Questions

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Scala stands for Scalable language. It’s a functional oriented programming language. Recently it’s spread it’s roots in all major languages like Apache Spark, Akka. What is difference between abstract class and traits in Scala? A class that extend another subClass … Continued

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