IGFS : Ignite FileSystem

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Apache Hadoop, everyone chanting Hadoop, it’s number one framework to store data in reliable manner. I agree, it’s true, fast, low cost and fault tolerance. Is there any alternative to HDFS? Is there any competitors or alternatives to HDFS to … Continued

Biginsights installation in Linux

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As a part of IBM Biginsights Series, in this post I am explaining about How to install IBM biginsights in Redhat Linux (RHEL7). Everyone know how to install VMware. It’s easy after Vmware installation, please check, your system has given … Continued

Hadoop 2.x Interview questions

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What is the core changes in Hadoop 2.x? Many changes, especially single point of failure and Decentralize JobTracker power to data-nodes is the main changes. Entire job tracker architecture changed. Some of the main difference between Hadoop 1.x and 2.x … Continued

Cloudera Certification Questions

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Cloudera Certification is a dream for many Hadoop developers and Administrators, but it’s not too easy and too hard. These Interview questions can assists to get a cloudera certification in first attempt. These interview questions just gives overview information about … Continued

Hbase Programming

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What is Hbase? Hbase is a column-oriented database management system, which runs on the top of HDFS used to update the existent vast amount of data. When we use Hbase? Hbase is not a solution for all solutions. It’s designed … Continued

Hbase, Phoenix, SQuirrel SQL, Zookeeper Installation

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  Hello In this video I have demonstrated about Hbase – Zookeeper configuration and Phoenix – Squirrel SQL Integrate with Hbase.  It’s simple and easy. If you configure export HBASE_MANAGES_ZK=true , its Internal Hbase, where as export HBASE_MANAGES_ZK=false, its external … Continued

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