Free spark training

If you have eager to learn Bigdata frameworks like Hadoop and Spark, it’s the best option for you to learn Hadoop & spark for free. But you have to follow these rules and regulations.
1) Buy 10 plants locally plantain near your surroundings Like Schools, Temples, parks etc..
Neem, Mango, Peepal tree/ Ficus-religiosa, Almond or other forest oriented plants recommended. If Indore, Tulasi plant highly recommended.
After plantation, you need to take care of those plants for 45 days. Within this 45 days ill teach you A to Z include Spark POCs as well.
You should watering those plants weekly twice, this information share through your Facebook with Photos.
Support: If you want support after training, you should take care of those plants. If those plants good, take selfy with plants and share through Facebook then mail me your problem and your pic, ill give support.

2) Donate your blood near your blood bank and mail me blood donation card (it’s optional). One blood donation equal to 3 plantations. If you have promoted to donate eyes or organs, I will provides free spark training, but required proper documentation.

3) If you have more than 3 years IT experience, please mail to your college (where you have completed your UG or PG) and take a seminar about career guidance. Every student simply switches to Java, .Net or oracle, but they don’t know Python, Perl, Delphi, SAS, Microsoft Dynamics AX, R, Big data, Cloud computing, Hadoop, spark, NoSQL, Puppet, Other advanced topics like Communication skills important. Give a career guidance to your juniors. 99% your college principal agreed to do this. Share such Photos through Facebook and notify me. Sample Pics like this

Selective members conditions:

Pay 5000/-  in advanced. daily practice well. If you practice my tasks properly that 5000/- refunded after training. If you skipped this training, or else not practice, 5000- not refunded. Means if you practice well you will get free training, else pay 5000/-

Out of these three activity you should do atleast 2 activities, then I will give free Hadoop and spark training. You can see my Videos the way of teaching etc.. here.



Hadoop: Hdfs architecture, Hive, Sqoop

Spark: spark core, spark SQL, spark streaming, Kafka, Cassandra, phoenix and Flink.

The process of my teaching:

Ill share A to Z tutorials (Those tutorials not available publicly)
Already shared Videos on my youtube channel. Please go through it.
If you face any problem, just take a screenshot and mail me or send that error through watsapp.

Weekends Ill give support to implement POCS also. You should communicate through skype/teamviewer.

Ill give support forever. ok

Please note Do it with pleasure, not pressure. Don’t think proofs, think learn properly do service for society when you are free. Ok If you are interested to take training fill this form.

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