Hbase Programming

What is Hbase?

Hbase is a column-oriented database management system, which runs on the top of HDFS used to update the existent vast amount of data.

When we use Hbase?

Hbase is not a solution for all solutions. It’s designed to resolve the Bigdata problems. A table which contains billions of rows and millions of columns on the top of hadoop cluster. When the RDBMS doesn’t solve the problem, NoSql is the best option to ease the problem. It ease many Hadoop and bigdata problems, especially updates the existent data.


Hbase internally using Ruby scripting. If you are well-ever in Ruby, Hbase is best for you.

To enter into Hbase to run query just enter hbase shell.

You can check http://localhost:60010 to check master health check.

localhost:60030 H region server information.

Store the all table in Hbase.

Enter ‘list’ to know tables.