Spark Training in Noida

I am spark online trainer. Teaching is my passion, I would like to share my knowledge. On May 15 th Morning 6.30 to 8.30 am IST ill start my morning batch. If you are interested to take Spark training online please respond now.
Spark Training in Noida
  • In this bigdata training ill explain everything from scratch. My training everything hands on, means daily ill give many tasks. You have to practie well. If you practice well, based  on your performance, you will get money back as well.
  • If you faced any problem, just take a snap and whatsapp me. Still facing any problem, ill communicate through team-viewer and resolve that issue.
  • Every session recorded, ill share recorded video after training. Please note this video for re-visioning purpose only, not for learning purpose.
  • My training intentionally for freshers, if you practice well, working professionals also eligible to attend.
  • Ill create such environment to practice hadoop, spark well.
  • My spark training suitable for all certifications such as latest cloudera certification, hortonworks and databricks certification.
To take spark training, Minimum knowledge on core java and sql mandatory.
Java: for loop, switch, if else, function, object
SQL: select * from table, group by, join

Apache Spark Overview

  • Traditional systems like RDBMS process only structured data, but 90% of unstructured and semi structured data unable to process. To process large amount of data, its take a lot of time. (it’s processing problem)
  • Similarly if server crashed, its difficult to retrive lost data. (It’s storage problem)
  • Hadoop resolve this problems, but its not suitable to process streaming data, machine learning algorithms. Spark can resolve this business problem.
  • Not only these bigdata problems, many general purpose problems resolved by Spark.
  • So that most of the companies looking for spark developers and most of the developers looking for spark training in Noida Delhi.

About my Spark training:

  • I have more than 3 years experience in Bigdata, 2 years experience in apache Spark. I ll share all my experienced knowledge, after training as well.
  • In Delhi, there are many spark trainers in Noida, but very few trainers only explaining a to z, from scratch. Ill explain both development and production environment.
  • Satisfaction is main important factor in my spark training. Almost every student get satisfied in my spark training.
Please find my students reviews here and follow my youtube channel here
Hadoop: HDFS, YARN, Sqoop, Hive
Spark: Scala, core, sql, streaming, alluxio, cassandra, kafka, alluxio, flink
AWS: Ec2, EMR, IAM, S3, RDS, Redshift
If you are interested to learn all big-data technologies, please contact me
Duration: 50 days (37 working days)
Time: 6.30 AM to 8.30 AM IST
Whatsapp me at: 9247159150
Gotomeeting link & Syllabus and more info:
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